Professional Organizer & Blog Assistant

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to start my Virtual Assistant business.  I have been organizing and setting up my business for several months and it is ready to launch.  Be sure to check back often for posts about organizing, blogging, self-care, and tons of other interesting topics.  There is going to be a lot of joy in this journey!

How to start a blog

Are you intrigued by blogging, but not sure how to create your first blog?  Here are some tips to get you started.  

  • YouTube is a wealth of information for bloggers.  Check out some videos to see if blogging is right for you.
  • Wordpress? Squarespace? They are both good, but I prefer Vistaprint.  I pay $18.00 per month for my website and have the option to have this blog page.  The themes are fully customizable and I feel that I have more control over my designs.
  • Decide on your niche.  Do you want to blog about beauty, lifestyle, crafts, tech, cooking,  or healthy living?  Be sure to put your ideas into a notebook.  
  • Make a list of your first 10 blog topics and start researching.  Keep your drafts in a Word document until you are ready to publish.
Do you want more tips like this?  Be sure to check back often for more awesome posts.


Don't hit publish until you have spell-checked your posts!  You spend a lot of time on your blog posts so make sure they are typo-free when you publish them.  Perfect spelling is crucial for a professional-looking blog and website.  Keep a checklist near your computer or put a reminder on your calendar to stay on the right track.  


Evergreen Content - When someone mentions evergreen content, they are referring to content that is relevant any time of the year.  For example, if you write a post on how to cook macaroni and cheese, that would be considered evergreen content.  

Niche - A niche is a topic.  It is what you blog about.  Your niche could be cooking, health and fitness, beauty, fashion - just about anything you enjoy.  Blog about a topic that you know very well.

Organic Traffic - Organic traffic is traffic that you get from a search.  When you do a Google search for any term and then click on a site, you are an organic visitor for that site.